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    24 Little-Known Facts About Disneyland

    In The Disneyland Book of Lists, Chris Strodder shares over 200 lists of trivia, rankings, little-known-secrets, and more. Here are some of the best from this unofficial guide.

    1. Walt Disney named Fantasyland as his favorite land.

    Flickr: toursdepartingdaily / Creative Commons

    2. In 1955 — the year Disneyland opened — adult admission cost $1, a movie ticket cost about 45 cents, and the average annual salary was $3,300.

    3. Disneyland itself cost $17 million to make.

    4. The first ride that cost more to build than Disneyland itself (as it was when it opened) was Space Mountain, in 1977, at $20 million.

    5. In 2014, Instagram named Disneyland as the most geotagged location in the world.

    6. When Disneyland opened, it spanned 160 acres. This means roughly 187 Disneylands could fit in Disney World.

    7. The highest stairway is located in Tarzan's Treehouse, and comprises 72 steps.

    8. In case you're wondering — in 2010, Ocean Spray Craisins were named Disneyland's official fruit snack.

    Ocean Spray / Via

    9. All of the little "It's a Small World" dolls were meant to sing different national anthems at the same time, but someone (thankfully) realized this would be chaos.

    10. Ray Bradbury was among Disneyland's greatest fans, saying, "I found, in Disneyland, vast reserves of imagination before untapped in our country."

    Alan Light / Creative Commons

    11. There was a brief window, from 1957-1961, when visitors could get beer with their picnic baskets in the outdoor Holidayland, despite the park's ban on public alcohol.

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    12. In 1957, the House of the Future had microwaves, picture phones, and intercoms on display.

    13. There is a lesser known pet cemetery at the Haunted Mansion, located behind the building.

    Flickr: lorenjavier / Creative Commons

    14. A petrified tree, which the park claims to be 55-70 million years old, sits near the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland.

    Flickr: andycastro / Creative Commons

    15. If you stand above the manhole cover in front of the Five & Dime in Toontown, you'll hear voices from underground.

    Flickr: kevinandchris / Creative Commons

    16. And if you ring the doorbells around Mickey's Toontown, you can hear cats (at the Dog Pound), set off a flash (at the Camera Shop), or see a puppy (at the Fire Department).

    Flickr: lorenjavier / Creative Commons

    17. Also in Mickey's Toontown: Minnie's shopping list, tacked on the refrigerator inside her house, and composed entirely of different cheeses.

    18. From 1955 to 1956, a corset shop called Intimate Apparel was open for business on Main Street, and it was said to be run by "the Wizard of Bras."

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    19. The most expensive item for purchase is found in Main Street's Crystal Arts shop: the crystal replica of Cinderella's castle, at $37,500.

    20. Until 2000, park employees (aka Cast Members) were not allowed to have mustaches. That's changed, but they still can't have visible tattoos, "non-conservative" eyewear, or any piercings beyond the ear.

    Arthurhidden / Getty Images

    21. Kevin Costner and Steve Martin both worked at the park before hitting it big — Costner as various characters in Main Street's daily parade; Martin as a souvenir guidebook salesman.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images
    Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    22. The urban legend that real human bones are on display in Pirates of the Caribbean isn't totally false — the attraction opened with a few bones from the UCLA Medical Center, though they have since been removed.

    Kent L Buckingham / Creative Commons

    23. Snow White's evil witch peeks out the window in the tower above Snow White's Scary Adventures every 24 seconds.

    24. The Big Thunder Ranch outdoor area is available for private picnics (for up to 100 guests!) complete with catered meals and Disney character appearances.

    The Disneyland Book of Lists (Santa Monica Press) is out on April 14.

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    Ocean Spray Craisins and Disney made their partnership ~official~ in 2010. A previous version of this post said it happened in 2013.

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