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24 Little-Known Facts About Disneyland

In The Disneyland Book of Lists, Chris Strodder shares over 200 lists of trivia, rankings, little-known-secrets, and more. Here are some of the best from this unofficial guide.

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5. In 2014, Instagram named Disneyland as the most geotagged location in the world.

19. The most expensive item for purchase is found in Main Street's Crystal Arts shop: the crystal replica of Cinderella's castle, at $37,500.

20. Until 2000, park employees (aka Cast Members) were not allowed to have mustaches. That's changed, but they still can't have visible tattoos, "non-conservative" eyewear, or any piercings beyond the ear.

21. Kevin Costner and Steve Martin both worked at the park before hitting it big — Costner as various characters in Main Street's daily parade; Martin as a souvenir guidebook salesman.

22. The urban legend that real human bones are on display in Pirates of the Caribbean isn't totally false — the attraction opened with a few bones from the UCLA Medical Center, though they have since been removed.


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Ocean Spray Craisins and Disney made their partnership ~official~ in 2010. A previous version of this post said it happened in 2013.

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