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The Top 11 Distractions That Keep Writers From Writing

"Just a quick snack, and then I'll start..."

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In preparation for NaNoWriMo, the productivity app Stop Procrastinating surveyed 1500 writers in the US to see what is most likely to distract them. Here's what they found.

11. Sex (4%)

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"I was writing a sexy scene when my husband walked through the door fresh from the shower. Fiction suddenly became nonfiction."

10. Googling yourself (4%)

9. Reading news headlines (6%)

8. Pets (7%)

Specifically, cats jumping on laps or in front of computers and adorably demanding attention.

7. Online dating (8%)

6. Significant others (14%)

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Getting in the way, talking about their day, taunting you with an episode of the series you're currently addicted to.

5. Snacking (17%)

Writers admitted to eating their "reward" foods before reaching their writing goals. Pizza was most tempting (28%), followed by ice cream (22%), chocolate (19%), and fast food (17%).

4. Day jobs / Work (22%)

3. Videos of internet animal celebrities (23%)

2. Social media (30%)

1. Just being too damn tired (32%)

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AKA hungover, after a too-late night of "partying or socializing."

What are your biggest procrastination traps? Let us know in the comments!

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