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32 Mouthwatering Drunk Foods From Around The World

Most of it is fried. (Inspired by this Quora thread.)

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1. Beijing: Chuan'r

Meat or vegetable skewers.

2. Philadelphia: Philly cheesesteak

Thin slices of beef and cheese (American, provolone, or Cheez Whiz) on a long roll.

3. Mumbai: Bhurji-pav

"Loosely translated as spiced, scrambled eggs and bread." —Makarand Sahasrabuddhe

4. Sri Lanka: Kottu

Roti, vegetables, egg, meat, and spices, grilled and chopped up.

5. Miami: Papa rellena

Potato croquettes stuffed with seasoned ground beef.

6. New Jersey: Disco fries

French fries with cheese and chicken gravy.

7. Seattle: The Dick's Deluxe from Dick's Drive-In

"The quintessential menu item is the Dick's Deluxe, a double burger with cheese." —Caroline Zelonka

8. Dublin: Fish and chips

"Usually in the form of a bag of chips (an actual brown paper bag) from a chippers (a usually takeaway-only late-opening fast food joint, serving a limited menu of stuff that's mainly appealing when you're drunk). " —Dave Cahill

9. Nairobi: Mandazi

Fried dough, sometimes with coconut milk.

10. Chicago: Chicago dog

"Preferably from the Weiner Circle, where the employees heap enthusiastic insults at you while you order your 2 a.m. hot dog. It's part of the experience. The Chicago dog — neon green relish not optional." —Annie Wang

11. Mexico: Gringas

Flour tortilla, cheese, al pastor (pork).

12. Shanghai: Jianbing

Fried crepe with egg.

13. Madrid: Churro con chocolate

Fried dough with sugar, dipped in or topped with melted chocolate.

14. Washington, D.C.: Wings & mambo sauce

Fried chicken wings and mysterious, sweet red sauce.

15. London: Doner kebabs

Sliced lamb from a rotisserie, onion, tomato, chili and yogurt sauces, served in flatbread.

16. Montreal: Poutine

French fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

17. South Korea: Dak galbi

Stir-fried chicken, vegetables, onions, hot pepper sauce, served on a hot plate.

18. Italy: Porchetta sandwich

Porchetta (roast pork), onion marmalade, arugula, on a roll.

19. The Philippines: Sisig

Meat (usually pork) marinated in a sour sauce, served with onions and sometimes egg or mayonnaise.

20. Rochester, New York: Garbage Plate

"[M]acaroni salad, baked beans and home fries on a plate topped with either 2 cheeseburgers or 2 Zweigles hot dogs and then smothered with meat hot sauce, chopped onions and spicy mustard!" —Daniele Kanous

21. Glasgow: Munchy Box

"An assortment of deep fried batter and grease with meat of suspicious origins,

sometimes with a garnish of salad that you can throw at your friends." —Wilson James

22. Greece: Loukoumades

Fried dough topped with sugar and honey.

23. Tucson, Arizona: Sonoran hot dog

"Take a hotdog, wrap it in bacon. Put it in a soft bun. Slather chili, mayo, mustard and hot sauce on it. Garnish with onions and what you have is a delicious drunken treat." —Dheeraj Golla

24. Los Angeles: Anything from In-N-Out Burger

Especially the animal style fries.

25. Tokyo: Ramen

Noodle soup often served with pork, fish cake, seaweed, and egg.

26. Iran: Persian pizza

Sauceless pizza with sausage and veggies on a thick crust.

27. Ohio: Sliders from White Castle

Those soggy little cheeseburgers.

28. Istanbul: Iskembe corbasi

Tripe soup.

29. Berlin: Currywurst and fries

Sausage and fries topped with curry ketchup.

30. Atlanta: Breakfast food from Waffle House

Pancakes, eggs, home fries, you name it.

31. New York: The $1 slice of pizza

The very best!

32. Scotland: Deep-fried Mars Bar

The chocolate, nougat, and caramel candy bar, battered and deep fried.

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