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28 Couples Who Should Be Your Real Relationship Goals

BRB, restoring my faith in love.

1. The couple who can turn even a subway station into an impromptu date.

2. The couple who's just trying to make everyone's day a little better.

Caught an old couple by the hand saying hi & wishing a good day to everyone in their path. real relationship goals.

3. The couple who ~treat themselves~.

adorable old couple getting their nails done together talking about being married for 66 yrs I'm crying

4. The couple who ride together.

5. (Especially the creative ones.)

6. The couple who keep each other warm.

7. And know a thoughtful gesture goes a long way.

8. These fashionistas.

9. And this playful, matching pair.

10. The couple who support each other.

11. And the couple who aren't afraid of a little competition.

12. The couple who don't shy away from learning new skills.

13. The couple who have a sense of humor.

14. The couple who indulge in the finer things.

15. The couple who STILL hold hands.

16. The couple who embrace silliness.

Old Russian couple from Khalilov village, Russia, have been happily married for 65 years

17. And encourage guilty pleasures.

Saw this old couple having a date at McDonalds the other day. Y'all this real #relationshipgoals

18. The ballplayers!

19. The fireworks-watchers!

Don't know what I liked better, the fireworks or the cute old couple!

20. The couple who make time to walk around the block with their cat.

21. The couple who allow each other to be a kid every now and then.

22. The couple who recognize a romantic opportunity when they see it.

An old couple came up to me and asked to take a pic of them walkin by the sunset. #realtionshipgoals

23. The couple who help each other with the heavy lifting.

24. The couple who share.

25. The couple who make each other laugh.

This old couple is so cute I'm crying she's reading him kid's books in the back of Costco & they keep laughing

26. The couple who bring their own fun wherever they go.

There's an old couple playing monopoly at @panerabread #adorable

27. The couple who know the best way to end a night.

28. And the couple who never get tired of dancing.

So this old couple danced to every song on the cruise and I thought it was absolutely adorable #heartmelted

<3 <3 <3