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    26 Childhood Moments That Always Made Your Day

    I call shotgun!

    1. Marrying your ultimate crush in a game of MASH.

    2. And getting an amazing fortune from this.

    3. Conking out in a restaurant because the boring grown-ups won't stop talking.

    4. Or falling asleep in the back seat of the car on a long trip.

    5. And, if you were still small enough, being carried from wherever you'd passed out to bed.

    6. Seeing this in the classroom.

    7. And this in the gym.

    8. And having this wealth of kids' lit at your fingertips.

    9. Getting paired with your BFF in a school project.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    10. Hearing your school's name in the list of snow day closures.

    11. Staying home sick and hanging out with Bob Barker.

    12. And then being pampered by your parents.


    13. Waking up early on Saturday to get the best spot on the couch for cartoons.

    CBS / Via

    14. Getting a new Super NES game at Blockbuster *and* calling dibs fast enough that you get to play it first.

    15. Hearing the ice cream truck song for the first time every summer.

    Flickr: ezraw / Creative Commons

    16. Slurping out the brown-ish / purple-ish syrup at the bottom of one of these guys.

    17. Getting a green light from your parents to order the mozzarella sticks appetizer even though you usually NEVER GET THE MOZZARELLA STICKS APPETIZER.

    18. Eating the sweet cereal your parents never bought whenever you slept over a friend's house.

    19. And being allowed to hang out with your big sister and her friends during THEIR sleepover.

    Flickr: carolinaterp / Creative Commons

    20. Letting the wind whip through your hair in one of these.

    21. And getting to ride shotgun when you have to travel by actual car.

    Flickr: lorenkerns / Creative Commons

    22. Finding out the ~ cool ~ babysitter is coming to hang for the night.

    23. Sliding down one of these.

    24. Ditto one of these.

    Flickr: 29638108@N06 / Creative Commons

    (Even if they were probably pretty gross.)

    25. Getting to stay up late on special occasions, like New Year's Eve, and feeling so incredibly cool.

    26. And finally being tall enough to ride in these.

    Flickr: dherholz / Creative Commons