27 Book Confessions That Prove You Are Not Alone

    Who here *hasn't* called in sick so they could finish their book?

    BuzzFeed Books recently asked readers and followers to share their secret book confessions. Here are some of the (incredibly relatable) responses.

    1. Book lovers can be troublemakers.

    2. We're also a nosy bunch.

    3. We are prone to mid-read emotional outbursts.

    4. And disorientation is a possible side effect of a really good book.

    5. We are empathetic.

    6. Some might say we're distracted.

    7. But we are always prepared.

    8. We know there is no situation which a good book won't improve.

    9. Seriously.

    10. A good read is the highest priority.

    11. Family? LOL. School? Nah. Work? *coughs while calling in sick*

    12. The rage of being interrupted is real.

    13. Our book collections are a real source of pride.

    14. A worn-down book is just a book well loved.

    15. Space isn't an issue. We will find a way to accommodate new books.

    16. Tbh time isn't an issue either. We'll keep buying. It's fine.

    17. And each purchase is an emotional endeavor.

    18. Genre only matters if you let it.

    19. Sometimes aesthetics come into play.

    20. A beautiful cover is a powerful thing!

    21. ~Here for marginalia.~

    22. It's not just about the novels.

    23. A truly wonderful character can make everyone else in your life just seem disappointing.

    24. It can be incredibly hard to say goodbye.

    25. (So hard that we might put off a goodbye for a loooong time.)

    26. Sometimes we'll blur the lines between book world and real world.

    27. We're a special breed. 😘📚👏

    Got some book confessions of your own? Share them in the comments below!