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    21 Of Romance's Hottest Scenes, Described In Three Words

    "Barn, rope, sawhorse."

    Last week, BuzzFeed Books took a trip to Dallas to attend the 32nd annual RT Booklovers Convention for romance readers and writers.

    1. "Lust, painful, everything."

    (Describing Vixen by Felicia Fox.)

    2. "Three is better!"

    (Describing Laid Bare by Lauren Dane.)

    3. "Bearded for pleasure."

    4. "Barn, rope, sawhorse"

    (Describing Rough, Raw, and Ready by Lorelei James.)

    5. "Rough, raw, risque."

    6. "Teethmarks, ropeburn, top of a building."

    7. "Wallbanger, butt plug, blow job."

    (Describing Scandalous by R.G. Alexander.)

    8. "Bite the pillow."

    9. "Chapter 32."

    (Describing One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost.)

    10. "Self-acceptance menage."

    (Describing Fat by Saranna DeWylde.)

    11. "Holy giant cock."

    (From Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire.)

    12. "Intense, raw, passionate."

    (Describing Tempting the Player by Kat Latham.)

    13. "Locker room sex."

    (Describing Pucked by Helena Hunting.)

    14. "Not baking cookies."

    (Describing Our Little Secrets by Merry Farmer.)

    15. "Red silk sheets."

    (Describing Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning.)

    16. "UTI-flavored squirrel humping!"

    (Describing Fire Down Below by Debra Anastasia.)

    17. "Sexy, hot, and Russian."

    (Describing The Master by Kresley Cole.)

    18. "Shower, prosthetic leg."

    19. "So wear a condom."

    (Describing Rules of Protection by Alison Bliss.)

    20. "Time-travel, cavemen, gangbang!"

    (Describing Held Captive by the Cavemen by Shoshanna Evers.)

    21. "Yes. Please. Again."