33 Bad Translations That Are Better Than The Original

    Oh to be as peaceful as tiny, dreaming grass.

    1. This vote of confidence!

    2. This forthright branding.

    3. This enticing poultry.

    4. This impromptu sexy spot.

    Come again? Wow even that was inappropriate... #crazyhumans #translationfails

    5. This whimsical creature that we would ALL like to meet.

    6. The ultimate comfort food.

    7. These sensitive garments.

    8. This romantic, albeit literal, sticker.

    9. This anarchist.

    10. This area of tranquility.

    11. And this bashful lawn.

    Never let your small grass feel ashamed to smile! #translation #badtranslation

    12. This poetic piece of bathroom reading.

    13. This ailing breakfast.

    14. This sexy, unassuming offer. Why not try out??

    15. This message of optimism.

    16. This self-conscious seafood.

    17. This gentle reminder.

    18. This judgment-free zone.

    19. This magical and apparently VERY powerful plug.

    20. This non sequitur.

    21. This warning that welcomes interpretation.

    22. This sick burn.

    23. This suggestive mint.

    24. Bae Simpson.

    25. These very well-organized trash receptacles.

    26. These helpful instructions.

    27. This fair warning.

    Oh, that's cool, I'll pass!

    28. This impossibly chill announcement.

    It's been awhile! Here's our #BadTranslation of the day. Sorry for the delay!

    ** shrug **

    29. And this menu that is just too cool to care.

    Some translators are lazy... #xl8 #translationfail #lazy

    30. This unexpected delivery of bad news.

    It's probably against the health code to put Beatles in the meat balls. #Arabic #BadTranslation #EvenWorseEntree

    31. This self-assured establishment.

    #BadTranslation of the day: We guess dumb people are not allowed in this area!

    32. This brainteaser.

    Yes, I completely understand. #badtranslation

    Wait, so we are talking?

    33. And this secret to success, where you'd least expect to find it.