22 Amazing Apps That Will Revitalize Your Love Of Reading

    *Disappears with phone for months*

    1. Goodreads

    2. Comixology

    What it costs: Free, plus in-app purchases (iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire)

    What it offers: A library of over 75,000 cheap (or free) comic books, graphic novels, and manga; exclusive digital-first titles; a "cinematic, immersive" reading experience that lets you easily flip through pages and zoom in on panels.

    3. We Read Too

    4. Shelfie

    What it costs: Free (iOS and Android)

    What it offers: A chance to upload and autotag photos of your bookshelf, download digital versions of eligible physical copies for free or on discount, scope out new reads by browsing other users' shelves, and rate the books you're reading.

    5. Scribd

    What it costs: $8.99 monthly subscription fee (iOS and Android)

    What it offers: Unlimited access to over one million books (including audiobooks and comics) and over 60 million documents (academic papers, court filings, presentations, etc.), personalized recommendations, selected offline titles to read any time, and automatic syncing across devices.

    6. Poetry

    What it costs: Free (iOS and Android)

    What it offers: A database of thousands of classic and contemporary poems organized by theme and mood, searchable by memorable lines, and the ability to save and share favorites.

    7. Overdrive

    What it costs: Free (iOS, Android, Kindle, Nook)

    What it offers: Access to over 30,000 public libraries worldwide — search for your local library here — and the ability to borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and video from their catalog.

    8. Simple Book Catalog

    What it costs: Free (iOS only)

    What it offers: Just one thing — a way to organize your entire library. Plain and simple, true to its name.

    9. Storyville

    10. Kobo

    11. Audible

    What it costs: Free, plus in-app purchases (iOS, Android, and Windows)

    What it offers: A collection of over 180,000 audiobooks for purchase, a system for tracking your reading list and reading habits, sleep and button-free modes, syncing to Facebook and Twitter to share with friends, multitasking capabilities for background downloading and listening, and a newsfeed frequently updated with author events and more.

    12. Moon+ Reader

    What it costs: Free, $4.99 for Pro (Android only)

    What it offers: A user-friendly ebook reader with access to thousands of free books available for download, highly customizable reading experiences (landscape or portrait layout, font size and color, night mode, customizable autoscroll, page swiping), tracking of your reading stats, and additional options (highlight, annotating, and dictionary) in Pro mode.

    13. Libib

    What it costs: Free (iOS and Android)

    What it offers: A comprehensive library cataloguing tool — for books, movies, music, and video games — with keyword search option, automatic add with ISBN scan, multiple library options, customizable tagging system, well-designed statistics about cataloged items, social feeds for sharing and recommending, public and private profile options, and an annotation tool.

    14. The Pickle Index

    15. Serial Box

    16. Pocket

    What it costs: Free (iOS and Android)

    What it offers: An archiving tool to save articles, videos, and pages you want to read or watch later — even offline.

    17. Gerty

    What it costs: Free, $3.99 for premium features (iOS only)

    What it offers: A little bit of everything, tbh— a customizable ebook reader; library management; customizable integration with apps and services like Facebook, Google Maps, IMDB, Wikipedia, Goodreads, Merriam-Webster, Dropbox, etc.; and a whole bunch of journaling tools to remember what it was like to read the book you're reading (options for note taking, private journal, annotating, creating a photo essay, geo-tagging, and exporting your timeline into EPUB format).

    18. The Paris Review

    19. QuizUp

    What it costs: Free (iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle)

    What it offers: So, it's a social trivia game covering many topics — but book nerds especially are bound to find something that interests them.

    20. Indigo

    21. Marvin

    22. Kindle

    What it costs: Free, plus in-app purchases (iOS, Android, and Windows)

    What it offers: A library of over a million ebooks for purchase; a collection of free ebooks; access to local libraries to borrow ebooks; a chance to sample books before purchasing; built-in dictionary, Google, and Wikipedia; customizable reading settings; and the ability to switch from reading to listening.

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