These Imagined Travel Posters Bring "Harry Potter" Spots To Life

    And if Hogwarts isn't your thing, they've got Middle Earth and King's Landing.

    Ever wish you could just buy a ticket on the Hogwarts Express or chill with elves in Rivendell on your next vacation?

    Well, you can't (yet), but the artists at The Green Dragon Inn have made it a little easier to pretend that all of your favorite fantasy spots are actual destinations, with their line of Harry Potter-, Lord of the Rings-, and Game of Thrones-inspired travel posters. And they are stunning!

    Just imagine pulling up in the middle of the night to your new home, ~Hogwarts~.

    And can't you picture yourself looking out the window on the dreamy Hogwarts Express?

    Or maybe water transport is more your thing.

    You could shop at Diagon Alley, which is somehow both dark and inviting.

    Would you be a knight of Gondor?

    Or more of a Rohan rider?

    Like, Winterfell probably doesn't need a tourism campaign but this would be a good one.

    Some of the posters pull passages from the actual books.

    And some are a little cheeky.

    But each one will make you wish you lived in a world where such a trip were possible.

    The posters sell for $16 each (cheaper if you buy in multiple), and you can browse through them here.