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31 Accessories Every '90s Girl Will Recognize

All found at your local mall.

1. Anything yin-yang.

2. Or peace sign.

3. Or the ultimate trifecta: ~peace, love, and happiness~.

4. Hemp jewelry.

5. Stacks of friendship bracelets.

6. (And, of course, something to carry the necessary supplies.)

7. Candy-colored pacifiers for the rave girls.

8. Stuffed animal backpacks.

9. Or mini-backpacks.

10. A giant Lip Smackers collection.

11. Alien heads to show you were ~edgy~ and cool.

12. Beaded daisy chains.

13. These.

14. The single cord or leather choker.

15. Magical ~healing~ bead bracelets.

16. Stick-on earrings, for those who weren't allowed to pierce.

17. Psychedelic flowers.

18. Mood rings.

19. Dolphins were necessary.

20. Dainty ankle bracelets were a summer must.

21. As were toe rings.

22. Those spiral hair accessories that always got stuck in your hair.

23. Butterfly clips, duh.

24. Or those other winged creatures: dragonfly pendants.

25. Delicate sunflower chains.

26. Scented body glitter.

27. Especially the roll-on variety.

28. These headache-inducing monstrosities.

29. Fuzzy feather pens.

30. "Body splashes" from Bath & Body Works.

31. And of course: best friend necklaces.