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25 Things Only Linda Rebolini's Kids Will Understand

#Linda forever.

1. Her tech-savviness.

2. Her ability to keep up a conversation with or without you.

3. That classic, infectious #Linda enthusiasm.

4. How you can't even mention being hungry without getting an entire platter hand delivered to you.

5. What happens when she is fully turned up.

my mom is drunk from like a glass of wine and just sent me a link to through fb message?????? no context??

6. How mad you get when you realize she got rid of these amazing 80s clothes.

7. Memories of going to Frank's to get supplies for making costumes.

8. And how she always kept your style on point.

9. The embarrassment of knowing she's funnier than you.

10. And better dressed.

11. When you realize you know EXACTLY where you get your thirst from.

12. When you just wanna hang but she's too busy.

13. Her never-ending supply of cultural references.

14. When she knows just want you want to talk about.

15. And how she expects you to have a much more exciting life than you actually do.

16. How she's supportive of your interests.

17. Very, very supportive.

Linda's coming in to see her youngest daughter give a lecture on Harry Styles tomorrow. Just tryna make her proud!!!!!!!

18. When your friends come over but they're just like, "Is Linda here? She's the best."

19. When you know she's got too much time on her hands.

20. Or when she's cracking herself up.

21. The moment you realize you were paying attention to all of her lessons.

Brendan's laughing at me for refusing to go to sleep with a candle lit??? Like that's not exactly how you die???

"Just put it in a jar" yea right #Linda taught me better than that

22. When you saw this and were like, "Wait, did John Roberts have access to our home videos?"

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23. And then how familiar Linda Belcher seemed.

24. When she won't stop taking pictures and you're like, "OMG. MOM. ENOUGH."

25. The feeling of gratitude for getting the best mom in the whole woooooooorld!