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    24 Signs You're The Lemongrab Of Your Friend Group

    Everything is unacceptable.

    1. You don't really go in for all that touchy-feely business.

    2. And you do NOT do well with playful teasing.

    3. You've got a flair for theatrics.

    4. Some might say you're the dramatic one in the group, but it's just because THEY DON'T GET IT.

    5. You're practical about safety, but it doesn't mean you're not having fun.

    6. In fact, when you turn up, you turn UP.

    7. You can't hide your judgy face, but why should you when everyone around you is being so dumb?

    8. Your intensity level is at a constant 150%.

    9. You've been told you aren't the warmest pen pal.

    10. You, when someone "hilariously" "pranks" you by messing with your phone's autocorrect:

    11. When you finally understand this "joke" everyone seems to be laughing about:

    12. When your well-meaning buddy tries to get you to join him in his clean eating phase:

    13. When no one can agree on a place to eat even though you've suggested at least three PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE spots:

    14. When someone on your crew gets those shoes you've been coveting (in your size, coincidentally!):

    15. When your friend is getting on your last nerve:

    16. When you need alone time:

    17. When your friends don't take your tantrums seriously:

    18. When your friends don't take your advice seriously:

    19. When your friends don't respond to your texts fast enough:

    20. When your friends don't love your faves:

    21. Basically, you don't understand why it's so hard for everyone else to live up to your totally reasonable standards.

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    22. And no one even listens to you when you decree your punishments!

    23. Still, the kindred spirits you've found understand and love you.

    24. And you tolerate them. You just express it in an...unusual way.