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    20 Literary Tumblrs That Are Killing It

    For book nerds, by book nerds, with some beer, cats, and a few chickens thrown in. Chosen from among The Millions' comprehensive literary tumblr selections..

    1. Book And Beer

    2. The Composites

    3. Writers And Kitties

    4. Matchbook

    5. Awesome People Reading

    6. Coverspy

    7. The Lisa Simpson Book Club

    8. Bookshelf Porn

    9. Slaughterhouse90210

    10. The Final Sentence

    11. Writers No One Reads

    12. Chickens In Literature

    13. The Books They Gave Me

    14. Book Stalker

    15. Last Night's Reading

    16. You Chose Wrong

    17. British Crime Writers, Glaring

    18. The Art Of Google Books

    19. Bookshelfies

    20. Neruda Cats