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    10 Pieces Of Book Art You Can Buy On Etsy Right Now

    Get ready for some literary upcycling.

    1. Halloween Pumpkin Book Folding


    ($92, Honeysuckle Origami)

    2. Harry Potter Book Page Christmas Ornaments

    Fingers crossed you don't get Slytherin.

    ($12 each, monjardindepapier)

    3. Personalized Folded Romantic Initials

    These are made to order at $10 per letter, up to eight letters, so go ahead and think outside of the Romantic Initials box. Maybe even just "BOOK." It's a statement piece!

    ($30, JBs Fine Art Gallery)

    4. The World Was My Garden Book Sculpture

    5. Cool Zebra Book Print

    You've got a lot of Etsy options when it comes to vintage book page overlays, but you're kidding yourself if you think there's something better than Cool Zebra With Sunglasses. (Except maaaybe Cool Giraffe With Sunglasses.)

    ($7.99, PRRINT)

    6. The Exorcist Book Sculpture


    ($100, Wet Canvas Art)

    7. Rose Wreath Book Sculpture

    This is straight-up delightful.

    ($50, Paper Illusions)

    8. Book Luminaries

    Go with pages from The Raven for optimal spookiness.

    (Five for $25, Olden Designs)

    9. The Tower Rose Book Sculpture

    This one is the bank-breaker, but look at those ripples!

    ($700, Becky J Arts)

    10. "A Ship Sets Sail" Photographic Print

    This artist is holding out on the sculptures themselves, but you can still buy framed or unframed photos of some pretty remarkable art.

    ($33.12, From Within A Book)