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20 Ways "The Mask" Is A Perfect Movie

At 20 years old, it is a modern masterpiece.

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2. You can tell what the moral of this movie is right from the beginning because Ben Stein explains it!

New Line Cinema

THE MASKS AREN'T JUST MASKS, THEY ARE ALSO METAPHORS. The mask, it's not hiding you: IT ALLOWS YOU TO BE YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC YOU. Sorry, it's a symbol that's going to manifest in the film and it's got me all animated.

3. It practically requires you to use the word "jalopy."

Look how dilapidated that car is! Poor Stanley Ipkiss, you have the sensible but not too sensible haircut of 1990s Jim Carrey and you deserve better than this.

17. A woman sells a man out for money.

New Line Cinema

I mean really, Stan, why are you so ready to believe that a woman sees right through your meek banker exterior and straight into the depths of your soul?

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