20 Ways "The Mask" Is A Perfect Movie

At 20 years old, it is a modern masterpiece.

1. The Mask pretty much starts with some classy foreshadowing.

New Line Cinema

Foreshadowing is even better when it’s brought to you by Ben Stein.

2. You can tell what the moral of this movie is right from the beginning because Ben Stein explains it!

New Line Cinema

THE MASKS AREN’T JUST MASKS, THEY ARE ALSO METAPHORS. The mask, it’s not hiding you: IT ALLOWS YOU TO BE YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC YOU. Sorry, it’s a symbol that’s going to manifest in the film and it’s got me all animated.

3. It practically requires you to use the word “jalopy.”

New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema


Look how dilapidated that car is! Poor Stanley Ipkiss, you have the sensible but not too sensible haircut of 1990s Jim Carrey and you deserve better than this.

4. A male villain has an earring.

New Line Cinema / Via hotflick.net

5. His henchmen have ponytails.

New Line Cinema / Via comicsalliance.com

Look at the SIZE of that thing.

6. A shrewish landlady is shrill.

New Line Cinema

You can always tell a shrew by her fussy hair covering.

7. The hero has a dramatically cleft chin.

New Line Cinema / Via alienationmentale.wordpress.com

The shadow that chin casts on itself!

8. There are wacky suits.

New Line Cinema / Via somegif.com

9. A grown man wears pajamas.

New Line Cinema

And rocks them.

10. The fourth wall gets broken.

New Line Cinema / Via ineedthisforreactions.tumblr.com

Talk to me!

11. Drivers who honk unnecessarily get their comeuppance.

New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema


Now this is what I call wish fulfillment.

12. There’s evil golf.

New Line Cinema

Golf should always be associated with evil.

13. The Mask features the original weird Cameron Diaz joke.

New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema


She licks that ear like she’s looking for peanut butter in there.

14. There’s an academic who only studies masks.

New Line Cinema

LOL ivory tower, u wack.

15. The park built on a landfill is called Landfill Park.

New Line Cinema

16. The female love interest helps the male hero discover that he was a good person all along.

New Line Cinema

Tears in my eyes.

17. A woman sells a man out for money.

New Line Cinema

I mean really, Stan, why are you so ready to believe that a woman sees right through your meek banker exterior and straight into the depths of your soul?

18. A terrier is heroic.

New Line Cinema

He follows Stanley to jail, breaks into jail, steals the jail keys, and gets Stanley out!

19. That terrier is also hard of hearing.

New Line Cinema

“Not the cheese! The keys!” Terriers, they’re always misunderstanding!

20. There’s a happy ending on a bridge.

New Line Cinema

ALWAYS KISS ON A BRIDGE. It is inherently romantic and more people should do it.

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