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    The 23 Best Things About "Bones"

    You know you're a Bonehead if you love the atrocious theme song. Spoilers for people who haven't obsessively watched every episode of Bones.

    23. The atrocious theme song.

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    So bad, it is impossible to even process whether the remix they went with in season eight is better or worse.

    22. Elaborate justifications for the FBI’s involvement in a case where it seems like they shouldn’t have jurisdiction.

    21. Knowing that the second person they question is probably the killer.

    20. When Bones busts out another language she knows.

    19. Wendell’s perplexed face.

    18. Sweets asking as a friend, not as a psychologist.

    17. Angela thinking her life would have more meaning if she were still a painter.

    16. Finn Abernathy’s accent.

    15. How Booth’s son has ceased to exist.

    14. The Gravedigger and Christopher Pelant

    13. Hodgins dumping flesh-eating beetles on bodies.

    12. Hodgins getting stoked on bugs.

    11. Caroline Julian. Everything about her.

    10. No one ever saying anything about disgraced former intern Zack Addy.

    9. Zack Addy.

    8. Interns in peril.

    7. Cam straight-up putting people in their place.

    6. Bones taking things literally.

    5. Booth showing his gooey center.

    4. When Bones tries to make a joke.

    3. Bones reminding people that she is literally a genius.

    2. Bones being the smartest motherflipper in the world...

    1. ...and totally owning it.