9 Reasons Taylor Swift And Tegan & Sara Need To Play Together All The Time

    It's not just physical. They won't treat you like you're oh so typical.

    1. Taylor Swift brought out Tegan & Sara at her concert in Los Angeles Monday, and they all sang "Closer" and it was incredible. This needs to happen, again and again:

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    2. Because when Taylor Swift was introducing them, she said, "I feel like all of us in here just need to get closer."

    3. Because what isn't better with two adorable Canadian pop icons who are down to bop around?

    4. Because they are all so goddamn good at capturing infatuation.

    5. And heartbreak.

    6. Because when Tegan & Sara were onstage, Taylor Swift got a little bossy.

    7. Because we have always wanted to hear Taylor Swift sing, "All I dream of lately is how to get you underneath me."

    8. Because Tegan kinda bashfully offered up her shoulder when Taylor Swift sang the words "a little bit closer."

    9. Because when they were together, there were awkward dance moves.

    Please, ma'ams, I want some more.