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    23 Taxidermy Animals Who Don't Let Death Get Them Down

    Carpe diem, everyone.

    1. This avuncular squirrel, whose humorous pamphlet has him in stitches.

    Learnin' Curve / Via Flickr: 61345303@N06

    "These jokes are just killing me," chuckles this squirrel to himself.

    2. This white rabbit, who is checking to see if he's run out of time.

    Maureen Didde / Via Flickr: maureendidde

    3. This dapper little chap, who is carrying a duckling slung under his arm like a purse as though he has somewhere to go.

    Curious Expeditions / Via Flickr: 7955505@N05

    All dressed up and nowhere to go because he's glued to a wooden oval.

    4. These romantic mice, who are about to make a lifelong commitment.

    Curious Expeditions / Via Flickr: 7955505@N05

    "'Til death do us part" is for wimps.

    5. These critters who know it's important to play cards and shoot pool because life's too short.

    Leanin' Curve / Via Flickr: 61345303@N06

    There is certainly no time like the present to open up your chest cavity to show your true colors; be your most authentic selves, squirrels.

    6. These little souls, attempting to cruise away from it all.

    Suzanne LaGasa / Via Flickr: 65119345@N00

    7. This toothy little buddy, who's all dressed up in his favorite headdress because he's going to a better place.

    :: FLUTTER :: / Via Flickr: 55109810@N05

    8. This bunch of pugnacious forest creatures who still see something to fight for.

    Curious Expeditions / Via Flickr: 7955505@N05

    9. This armadillo who's drinking his life away.

    Ross Grady / Via Flickr: 15940041@N08

    Coca-Cola is not very good for your health, armadillo, but I guess I can see why that doesn't mean too much to you.

    10. This wolf who can't wait for Judgment Day.

    Curious Expeditions / Via Flickr: 7955505@N05

    Wolves, they love to judge.

    11. This festive cougar, who is lying down because he ate too much stuffing.

    Sarah Kanouse / Via Flickr: readysubjects

    Cougar, it seems to me you don't have much to celebrate.

    12. These chipmunks, who just want to leave their old lives behind and join the rodeo.

    _lunadude / Via Flickr: 24713607@N02

    The plastic dinosaurs are cute, little friends, but real dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago. I know this may be painful, but it is better to know the truth.

    13. This ferret, who doesn't subscribe to the idea that "you can't take it with you."

    Dawn Endico / Via Flickr: 51035743246@N01

    "Oh, can't I?" says this ferret. "Perhaps you haven't seen my backpack."

    14. This couple, looking forward to a long, long rest.

    Bob Moricz / Via Flickr: 25666585@N03

    15. This squirrel, who could honestly keep dancing with Barbie forever.

    tim deegan / Via Flickr: timdeegan

    Asking her to save the last dance was a canny move; it's always good to have plans for how your night ends.

    16. This anteater who works late nights at the office because he just isn’t ready to quit.

    Lukas / Via Flickr: 99278910@N00

    Shuffle off this mortal toil, anteater!

    17. These leopards who are using this plastic sheet as a veil to hide behind.

    Sara Lando / Via Flickr: 67406400@N00

    Takes your breath away.

    18. This squirrel who actually isn't sure if he's ready to face the music.

    Lebovox / Via Flickr: etban

    19. This little guy who's developed a personal style that is clearly influenced by Where's Waldo? because sometimes, he does feel a bit lost.

    Greg McMullen / Via Flickr: gmcmullen

    20. This polar bear who shows up to parties way overdressed because he worries that he'll never get the chance to wear this tuxedo again.

    Greg McMullen / Via Flickr: gmcmullen

    21. This badger who wouldn't be caught dead without a bow tie.

    Julie / Via Flickr: 67406400@N00

    22. This crew of rodents partying like there's no tomorrow.

    Curious Expeditions / Via Flickr: 7955505@N05

    23. This horse fronting like he's a mythical beast.

    Curious Expeditions / Via Flickr: 7955505@N05

    Look, everyone can plainly see that you are a horse. It's OK to just be yourself.

    In conclusion: I'm sorry, animal kingdom.

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