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23 Taxidermy Animals Who Don't Let Death Get Them Down

Carpe diem, everyone.

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3. This dapper little chap, who is carrying a duckling slung under his arm like a purse as though he has somewhere to go.

Curious Expeditions / Via Flickr: 7955505@N05

All dressed up and nowhere to go because he's glued to a wooden oval.


5. These critters who know it's important to play cards and shoot pool because life's too short.

Leanin' Curve / Via Flickr: 61345303@N06

There is certainly no time like the present to open up your chest cavity to show your true colors; be your most authentic selves, squirrels.


12. These chipmunks, who just want to leave their old lives behind and join the rodeo.

_lunadude / Via Flickr: 24713607@N02

The plastic dinosaurs are cute, little friends, but real dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago. I know this may be painful, but it is better to know the truth.