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19 Signs You Grew Up In Los Angeles

For those of us who spent time pondering what was at the bottom of Echo Park Lake.

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7. For you, the howling of coyotes inspires neither wonderment at the beauty of nature nor fear for your safety.


9. When non-Angelenos ask how often you see famous people, you have to explain that it may be possible you saw Nicole Richie walk into a Starbucks once. Kinda looked like her from behind. She wears sweatpants with words on the butt, right?

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News flash: I'm not a paparazzo, ergo I'm not chilling outside Beverly Hills otolaryngologists' offices waiting for celebrities in my spare time.


13. You dislike the sightseeing section of Hollywood Boulevard not because it's a tourist trap, but because you know half of those costume nutballs are dangerous maniacs.

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