“NCIS” Is Going To Break A Guinness Record With A 234-Hour Marathon

Guinness World Record, meet 234 hours of uninterrupted NCIS. Crime-solvers for the win.

1. One continuous Japanese broadcast of NCIS is going to break the Guinness World Record for “longest uninterrupted transmission of a TV series” in January, according to CBS.

Japan’s FOX International Channels holds the previous record, set Jan. 1-8 in 2011 by a 168-hour broadcast of 24. So, FOX Japan is breaking its own record. Sorry, 24; NCIS is just bigger and stronger.

2. Your initial reaction is probably one of wonderment. Ten seasons in a row?!

CBS / Via blog.zap2it.com

3. Is this even real?

CBS / Via tumblr.com

4. You’ll accept the news:

CBS / Via i42.tinypic.com

5. You’ll feel gratitude.

CBS / Via tumblr.com

6. It’s overwhelming, really.

CBS / Via tumblr.com

7. Japanese viewers will go to sleep with NCIS

CBS / Via wordpress.com

8. …and NCIS will still be there when they wake up! For 10 days straight!

CBS / Via tumblr.com

9. If it sounds intense, that’s because it is.

CBS / Via tumblr.com

10. You might be skeptical.

CBS / Via l1.yimg.com

After all, it is quite a lot of NCIS.

11. But how do you honestly feel about marathoning NCIS?

CBS / Via tumblr.com

12. Think of all the nice things fans will get to relive.

CBS / Via tumblr.com

Hi, Kate. Miss you!

13. Pretty rockin’ stuff.

CBS / Via i38.tinypic.com

14. The record-setting goes down Dec. 29-Jan. 8. If you’re in Japan and you have a television, you should be happier than Gibbs with a good cup of coffee.

CBS / Via tumblr.com

15. In conclusion:

CBS / Via tumblr.com

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