26 Lessons You Only Learn In Progressive School

    You would say store-bought granola is for the birds, but you would never feed high-fructose corn syrup to birds.

    1. If someone asked you what a quiz was, you could not have really said.

    2. Blocks. You were all about blocks. All learning starts with a block.

    3. You didn't just make art. You lived it.

    4. You probably did some kind of activity in an overgrown field, because weeds are beautiful, too. Nature, man.

    5. You took a field trip to a farm so you would be less alienated from the growing and harvesting of your food.

    6. After you got back from the farm, you wrote a play about it.

    7. You supported unions and took field trips to picket lines.

    8. "The war on Christmas" is an alien concept to you — why wouldn't you want to be as inclusive as possible? Happy holidays, everyone, please come join the music circle!

    9. Everyone was required to learn to sign at least one song.

    10. I'm not saying you learned to play recorder before you learned to read, but I'm not saying you didn't learn to play recorder before you learned to read.

    11. It was just that your teachers encouraged you to learn at your own pace and follow your passions, and sometimes that meant you were more of a painter than a reader.

    12. You aspired to play the big marimba at the school-wide sing-along.

    13. You learned at least four different versions of mancala.

    14. "Can people learn anything without first making a diorama?" you would wonder to yourself as you took a diorama nap.

    15. Some parent at your school drove an old-school bus, and it was super dope.

    16. It's hard to say what you learned building that volcano, but you built the shit out of that volcano.

    17. Beeswax is magic.

    18. Some people see toilet paper rolls as trash, but you see monsters...

    ...or little pots for your seedlings.

    19. Same with tiny scraps of felt.

    20. It was hard to rebel when everyone was always teaching you about how you needed to rebel.

    21. Store-bought costumes were a definite no-no. Making that costume yourself built character.

    22. Maypoles were your jam.

    23. Not a day went by when you didn't craft with yarn.

    24. Eggs? Yeah, you dyed those suckers.

    25. Paper lanterns, colorful scarves, and feathers were a huge part of your educational experience.

    26. When you grew up, all of this made you a weird adult.