Josh Thomas Is Famous In Australia And He Makes Delicious Chicken

    This is a true story.

    This is Josh Thomas, the 27-year-old star of the Australian comedy series Please Like Me.

    The episodes of Please Like Me nearly always include Josh cooking something, and so on a hot Monday in Los Angeles, he came to my apartment with no air conditioning to make chicken parma.

    I apologized for the lack of air conditioning and showed him the ingredients.

    We wrapped two grotesque chicken breasts in cling wrap and pounded them with a rolling pin.

    “I don’t know about this side; I don’t think it’s supposed to look like that,” said Thomas.

    In the U.S., egg yolks are "the wrong color"!

    He said he was excited that this was my first time breading chicken and insisted that I use one hand to touch the breast.

    Bread crumbs got all over the floor, but in a fun way, like walking through bubble wrap.

    While we were breading the chicken breasts, no one had turned on the oven. "I stuffed up," Thomas said.

    Also, I couldn't find my cheese grater and so he was forced to slice up the parmesan.

    Once the breasts were breaded, we fried them up.

    Thomas put sauce and ham and cheese on the chicken and then slid them into the oven.

    The chicken was done and it was perfect.

    Look how happy he is.

    I mean, really.

    We both cut the enormous, one-pound chicken breasts in half.

    Thomas insisted we take a photograph of the inside of the chicken, "so people can see how wet it is."

    He ate half of his chicken breast and then kept eating the second half and told his publicist they had to leave because he would finish it if he stayed.

    Please Like Me airs Fridays at 10:30 p.m. on Pivot. The title may make it sound desperate but it is likable.