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    5 Charts That Will Make You Feel Terrible For Bond Girls

    More like double-NO-seven, amirite, ladies?

    James Bond: ultra-smooth with ladies, yes, but also, pretty likely to hurt or kill ladies!

    BuzzFeed News looked at 24 Bond films spanning more than 50 years and found that the spy, who's portrayed as a powerfully seductive skirt-chaser, has another side to his sexual exploits: Namely, a violent side.

    We found 108 female characters he had a significant interaction with — and this is how he treated them:

    He attacks and threatens women.

    He engages in some creepy voyeurism.

    We think of Bond as the seducer, but plenty of women are compelled to sleep with him in the line of duty.

    He is careless with their safety.

    Sometimes, Bond kills women himself.

    Spectre is in theaters, and yes, Bond does push a woman and generally put women in peril!