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    Posted on Dec 6, 2013

    Indisputable Proof That “Bewitched” Had The Greatest Witch Of All Time

    The most bewitching character on Bewitched is the bane of Darrin's existence: Endora. Agnes Moorehead, you are an icon.

    1. Endora lives without regret.

    Via Tumblr

    Conscience? No, she's better than a conscience.

    2. She is malicious. Some would call her "evil."

    Her own daughter. Her own daughter would call her evil.

    3. If you mess with her, she will mess with you, and everyone knows it.

    4. She is deadly.

    5. She knows what she wants, and she will get it.

    Via Tumblr

    6. She knows what's important in life.


    7. Samantha's life may revolve around Darrin, but Endora doesn't buy the whole masculinity thing.

    Via Tumblr

    Samantha says she'd like Darrin to be around more, and Endora calls it like she sees it: "He'd just be underfoot, darling...sucking his thumb and dragging his teddy bear." I mean, the man can't deal with his wife's awesome magic powers, so yeah, probably.

    8. She knows her place, and it's "in the spotlight."

    Even getting arrested is an opportunity to dazzle.

    9. This is what her makeup looks like.

    10. She can carry off any style with confidence.

    11. She doesn't give a hoot about what's trendy.

    12. She will damn well laugh when something is funny even if no one else is amused.

    13. When she is disgusted with something, it shows.

    14. She isn't shy about mockery.

    15. Although she's easily crossed, she isn't over-serious.

    16. Her self-awareness reveals itself in sarcasm.

    She says she has a "sweet and forgiving nature," but she knows she has a diabolical and vindictive nature.

    17. She has a silver tongue.

    Via Tumblr

    18. She plays musical instruments.

    19. Everything she does, she does with panache.

    20. Because she is figuratively above all this, she is often literally above all this.

    21. Often, she doesn't even use words to say "NOPE."

    22. Her own needs and desires are always at the forefront of her mind.

    23. She is the queen of side-eye.

    24. She is also the queen of scheme-eye.

    25. Despite being selfish and cruel, she is a loving grandmother.

    26. She sets clear boundaries.

    "You lay a lip on me and I'll put you in orbit for the rest of your life" is as clear as a boundary gets.

    Respect her boundaries, and she may be willing to negotiate with you.

    Also, she very seldom remembered Darrin's name.

    27. She wears pearls in the tub.

    28. Glamor, thy name is Endora.

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