15 Haunting Photos Of The Romanov Family

A friend of the imperial family saved six albums of snapshots, now housed in Yale’s Beinecke Library.

1. Empress Alexandra

Alexandra, along with her husband and five children, was executed July 17, 1918, during the Russian Revolution.

2. Alexei

Alexei was the youngest of the five children — he was 13 when he died. He was the heir to the throne.

3. Alexandra

Alexandra was extremely protective of her only son, who had hemophilia.

4. Olga and Tatiana

All seven Romanovs were canonized as passion bearers in the Russian Orthodox Church in 2000.

5. Alexandra and Tatiana

Tatiana was 21 at the time of her death.

6. Alexandra and Tatiana

Alexandra and her second eldest child were very close.

7. Maria

Maria, the second youngest daughter, was 19 when she was executed. She had blue eyes.

8. Tatiana and Olga, with Anna Vyrubova, Alexandra’s lady-in-waiting

During World War I, Tatiana and Olga worked as Red Cross nurses.

9. Tatiana

Tatiana and Olga were both made honorary colonels as teenagers, a title which tickled them.

10. Anastasia, Tatiana, and Maria

Tatiana and Olga shared a bedroom, as did Maria and Anastasia. Olga was 22 when she died; Anastasia was 17.

11. Alexandra

Over time, Alexandra became more and more obsessed with protecting her son.

12. Alexei and Emperor Nicholas II

For the last weeks of his life, Alexei was confined to a wheelchair.

13. Alexei

Because of his hemophilia, Alexei’s play had to be carefully monitored to prevent potentially life-threatening injuries. He was doted on by his family, who called him “Baby.”

14. Anastasia and Alexei

The two youngest children.

Via the Beinecke Library’s Flickr account.

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