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    11 GIFs Of Julia Child Tasting Things

    In honor of the iconic chef's birthday, here she is, doing what she loved best.

    1. Boeuf bourguignon. "I've made quite a few beef stews lately."

    2. Sauce for boeuf bourguignon. "Doesn't taste good now at all."

    3. Bouillabaisse a la Marseillaise. "You don't want to fuss around with it afterwards, so be sure to taste it. It should be absolutely perfect at this point."

    "Mm, that is, 'cause I already had tasted it before."

    4. Mashed baked potatoes. "It's always a good idea to taste it because you want to be sure you've got enough salt and pepper in."

    "That's good. Nothing like butter."

    5. Potato soufflé. "I like them quite a dark brown. Just taste one."

    6. Sampling at a market in the south of France. *nods*

    7. Beef tartare au gratin. "It's very healthy because it's on a whole wheat pita, so that's nourishing."

    "Very good!"

    8. Sauce for cold lobster. "A drop of lemon in there. Maybe that's all I need to put in. I'll just taste it."

    "Very nice."

    9. Boiled lobster. "While you're eating the little legs, the rest of the lobster has the time to cool off a little bit, 'cause it's good and hot."

    "That's some of the very, very best meat. Well, I always seem to say that about every part of the lobster."

    10. Hamburgers. Julia Child, bickering and eating hamburgers with Jacques Pépin.

    "That's good," she says. "Real American fare."

    11. Eggs benedict. They seem to agree that they always forget how delicious hollandaise sauce is.

    "Delicious." Mais oui!

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