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    12 Types Of Food Improved By Famous Philosophers

    Foodlosophy gives you literal food for thought. I think, therefore I ham.

    1. Plato's Potatoes

    You get half a potato, and then you spend the rest of your life looking for the other half.

    2. Francis Bacon

    Only cooks with induction.

    3. The Hegel Bagel

    urbanlight / Shutterstock

    The absolutely ideal breakfast food.

    4. I Can't Believe It's Not Judith Butler

    Flickr: jdickert

    You won't notice that you've been coerced into eating it because other options will seem unintelligible.

    5. Chicken Marxala

    Flickr: amyselleck

    First as tragedy, then as carbs.

    6. Ham Hock Derrida

    Flickr: stuart_spivack

    Deconstructed pig.

    7. Nietzsche's Peaches

    For those times that you want to take the same bite for eternity.

    8. John Stuart Dill Pickles

    Flickr: maggiemuddphotography

    Please form some spontaneous generalizations about these pickles.

    9. Confucian Bluefin

    Flickr: stevendepolo

    When coarse rice to eat, water to drink, and your bended arm for a pillow are not enough.

    10. Henry David Thoroatmeal Cookies

    Flickr: 21993940@N00

    Let cool, then serve in a bare-bones cabin in the Massachusetts wilderness.

    11. Swanson's Chicken Soup Locke

    Broth — because in the beginning, your soup is a blank slate, too.

    12. Apple Sartrelets

    Flickr: danielle_scott

    Pan is condemned to be free.

    HT "Heidegger's hamburgers" nerd.

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