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Everything You Need To Remember From The Finale Of "Bones"

A lot has happened at the Jeffersonian. A handy guide before the ninth season premiere on Monday.

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A second FBI agent is killed, and Booth interviews this "witness" (Sarah Stouffer).

As soon as my brother saw this girl, he said, "She's working with Pelant." HE WAS RIGHT, everyone: You should not trust this girl. She's working with Pelant.

Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) regrets not strangling Pelant when he had the chance. Which, you know, yikes.

This is both a weird thing to feel guilty about and a thing that's going to crop up again.

They apprehend a suspect (Beau Knapp), who is also one of Bones' standard "inbred yokel" characters.


Back at the Jeffersonian, the geniuses get hold of that weird tape Pelant made of his face disguised as another face. Using his incredible knowledge of birds, Hodgins figures out it's a fake!

Christine is being really adorable, and then Booth gets a call from Pelant, who forces Booth to tell Bones he doesn't want to get married. Also, Booth can't say Pelant made him do it.

Like, are you for real with this surveillance system? I'm supposed to believe that Pelant has at least six slightly different angles on a droopy tree in a park? A park?

Where is this cluster of cameras hidden? Who set up these cameras? Why are they all pointed at pretty much the exact same thing?

What's gonna happen? When will they catch Pelant? Is the wedding really off?! How will Bones and Booth move forward?!?! These and other questions (hopefully) answered soon.

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