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18 Reasons Why Elaine From "Seinfeld" Is The Misandrist We All Aspire To Be


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1. When she thinks a man won't understand what she's saying, she simplifies her language to make sure he does.

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2. She holds men to exacting standards, and punishes them when they fail.

3. She sets traps into which she knows men will fall.

4. She knows how to put a man in his place.

5. Even if her comeback is terrible, she will still attempt to put a man in his place.

6. She knows that sometimes, the best way to make a man look foolish is to agree with him.

7. Occasionally, when a man has disappointed her, she knows it may be best not to waste her breath.


8. She takes "I have a fiancé" to new and more insulting levels.

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9. She reveals womanly truths like they are daggers to the male gut.

10. She doesn't let men get away with things.

Including the semi-anonymous men sitting next to her on planes.

11. She comes up with excuses not to talk to men.

12. She knows her own amusement is more important than what a man has to say.

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13. She has been threatened by a man, and she has Binaca'd that man in the face.

14. She knows her strength.

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15. She calls 'em like she sees 'em.

16. She recognizes men's flaws.

17. Yes, she had to have the big salad.

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You are a queen, Elaine. Nay, a goddess.

This post originally stated that Elaine pepper-sprayed Joe Davola, but as a commenter noted, she actually used Binaca because she's resourceful like that.

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