136 Hidden Jokes You Probably Missed On "BoJack Horseman"

    "Fool me once, shame on you, but teach a man to fool me, and I'll be fooled for the rest of my life." So, shame on you, BoJack Horseman.

    BoJack Horseman is a Netflix original animated series that tells the story of a washed-up equine actor named BoJack Horseman (Will Arnett), his memoirist Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie), his cat agent Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris), his pothead roommate Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul), and his good-natured nemesis Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins). It is both hilarious and full of jokes you probably didn't even see because they went by so fast. Below, please find a list of these jokes, for your chuckling convenience:

    1. Person magazine, TV Guru, and Eighteen.

    2. Plus the album Trot This Way.

    3. The author blurb on the back of Diane's Secretariat biography.


    5. The igloo picture!

    6. Princess Carolyn drinks catnip tea.

    7. Princess Carolyn reads Birdo magazine.

    8. There is an Angelfish billboard in the background...

    9. People shop at Lululemming.

    10. Presumably you saw the elephant urinating in the crocodile's mouth outside Elefante.

    11. Sticky Pink is the grossest possible name for a cotton candy cart.

    12. There's a yappin' logo in the car.

    13. That tattoo says "Me gusta."

    14. This guy's tattoo says "HABLO ESPANHOL."

    15. That muffin has a top hat!

    16. "The Misprints"

    17. "Has-been hates troops, looks fat"

    18. Mr. Peanutbutter is drinking out of a dog bowl.

    19. One of the con artists is trying to con the bird who's blackmailing BoJack.

    20. Princess Carolyn's treadmill neighbors are inspiring and the opposite.

    21. The news anchor is named Tom Jumbo-Grumbo.

    22. Behind Neal McBeal the Navy SEAL is a rabbit buying CARROTS.

    23. No one in Los Angeles can tell Jons and Vons apart. In BoJack, you don't have to.

    24. The ticker tape on MSNBSea is a cry for help.

    25. Outside Princess Carolyn's office is a headshot of Jon Ham.

    26. In addition to her scratching post, Princess Carolyn has catnip on her desk.

    27. BoJack eats Wheat Lumps.

    28. "The Beetles" broke up.

    29. BoJack and Sarah Lynn hit up the Santa Monica Pier for the gull wrestling.

    30. You can ride the merry-go-round with horses that have hands.

    31. Sarah Lynn's mother reads a magazine called Parenting?

    32. Hipster lemurs bring ~party chains~ to the party.

    33. Hipster lemurs bring a sex doll to the party.

    34. Sextina Aquafina's hit song is "My Clitoris Is Gynormous"

    35. Design Within Reach gets a more appropriate name.

    36. Excess Hollywood is probably right.

    37. Sarah Lynn's provocative music video was directed by D. LaChapelle.

    38. There are crickets in the audience during BoJack's standup set.

    39. The moths are attracted to the floodlights. Moths love lights.

    40. Zelda is frowning in the kids' drawing on her sitcom, just like she always is in general on Mr. Peanutbutter's House.

    41. Strip club: GIRLS GIRLS GORILLAS.

    42. They stock up on electronics at Beast Buy.

    43. 8-Twelve has one-upped 7-Eleven.

    44. This iguana's name is Cecil.

    45. "A TODD JO1NT"

    46. "Fuselagier" and "Scary Air."

    47. The really tall, shiny building to the right of Penguin is an e-publisher.

    48. Diane sits on a stack of books in poor Pinky's office.

    49. Nope. Yep.

    50. "Nosy Nancy Sights" and "Peeping Tom Tours" visit BoJack's house.

    51. This ferret's sweatpants say "Squishy."


    53. In addition to drawing balls on their dead father's forehead while thinking he's "wicked hungover," the Nguyen brothers also write "Jeter sucks!"

    54. Diane's brothers' shirts.

    55. Todd uses a Quacker Oats container as a face mask.

    56. Headline: NIXON MEETS THE KING.

    57. At Maggot & Sons mortuary, there is an ad for a coffin called "Peace LTD" with a corpse giving the thumbs-up.

    58. The Piece of Shit Dad Package that is too good for Diane's dad:

    59. The fine print for the Piece of Shit Dad Package Would Be Too Good For Him Package.

    60. Todd bathes with the Fancy brand of champagne.

    61. Derek Jeter's hat says "Just Jeet It."

    62. Diane's dad's truck is TRUCK2.

    63. Are you flying Celibate or Smelta?

    64. SADNESS airlines is actually a fairly accurate name for all airlines.

    65. Two inmates are playing thumb wars while getting intimately searched by guards.

    66. BoJack climbs on top of a Beverly Hills store called Foie Gras.

    67. This "my other bike is a tree" asshole shows up again.

    68. Another unfortunate pun.

    69. All officers of the law should have names like this.

    70. Jail scribbles.

    71. BoJack and Mr. Peanutbutter had a knife-throwing contest, and also played competitive Twister.

    72. BoJack's new restaurant, Elefante, is sandwiched between "Fred Seagull" and "Chimprov," and under a "Feral Apparel" billboard.

    73. Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter play FETCH together.

    74. The opening credits takes the D out of the Hollywood sign.

    75. The menú at Elefante:

    76. Jon Ham's headshot gets replaced by Christina Hendricks'.

    77. Princess Carolyn's medicine cabinet.

    78. Lenny Turteltaub has a poster in his office for the classic film, The Good, the Bad, and the Bugly.

    79. The posters at the Planned Parrothood office where BoJack goes with the hooker he got pregnant:

    80. After the FME/Vigor agency merger, one man wets his pants, while a slug commits suicide by salt.

    81. Protestors after Herb Kazzaz is outed have on-point signs.

    82. BoJack's old agent has posters for Catsablanca and Dances with Wolves on the wall.

    83. This goat loves the Goatful Dead.

    84. Parrotmount Studios.

    85. This is what the '80s looked like.

    86. The walkman store!

    87. RIP, disco.

    88. "The Cola Wars are OVER."

    89. This is what the '90s looked like.


    91. Beenie Babies: "Guaranteed to skyrocket in value!"

    92. This is a real thing in Los Angeles.

    93. When BoJack and Todd are plotting to break up Diane's wedding, they have a DVD copy of The Graduate on the table.

    94. A BARFLY.

    95. "Peanut Butter is one word."

    96. The sign again:

    97. There's an escaped inmate at Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter's wedding.

    98. Wolf in sheep's clothing.

    99. Todd, eating a box of Sugar Humans, has connected Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and a UFO to the conspiracy against him.

    100. In court, they said, "Yes, your Otter."

    101. The bank is Whales Fargo.

    102. BoJack lives on Luck Hoof Avenue.

    103. Mr. Peanutbutter's poster says, "Smooth as butter."

    104. Shopping options include Bed Burrow & Beyond and Crate & Kennel.

    105. The gas station is Oxxen.

    106. Diane Nguyen's PDF is called "ONE."

    107. The first item on the viral BuzzFeed list about BoJack is "Fritter Fanatic."

    108. In addition to Quackers, the snack basket also has Parrot's Booty.

    109. Pinky's mug!

    110. Mr. Peanutbutter has a dog bowl on his nightstand, a dog bone pillow, and a painting of slippers and a newspaper over his bed.

    111. The crocodile is WEARING CROCS.

    112. On BoJack's stereo, you can turn up the grit.

    113. Questionably credentialed Dr. Allen Hu practices offshore medicine.

    114. In BoJack's family tableau, there is a box of cigarettes in the fruit bowl.

    115. All the vacuums are vacuuming out each other.

    116. BoJack's desktop has a lot of NOT_PORN.

    117. Penguin Publishing is for rent.

    118. Pinky is sitting on boxes now.

    119. At the ghostwriters' convention, Truman Capote is on the stage.

    120. When BoJack is tripping, THE TAR MAMMOTH DAD POPS UP.

    121. Drug-version Diane has Mrs. Beaversworth's syrup attached to her.

    122. BoJack's hallucination includes a news story with his nutball headline.

    123. When BoJack hallucinates that he's on set, there's a copy of Horse magazine on the table.

    124. BoJack's dad's tombstone says, "Patriot, patriarch, pony."

    125. Why would BoJack have a shaving kit in his bathroom?

    126. BoJack throws shade at the Golden Globes.

    127. Beyoncé attends the Golden Globe Awards with Jay Zebra.

    128. The Halloween in January store is right next to Barks & Nibbles.

    129. The rhino is reading a magazine called Horn Hunks.

    130. Truman Capote is at the bar behind Vincent.

    131. The new James Bond movie is called Goldhoof.

    132. Lenny Turteltaub has a framed photo of himself and Charlie Chaplin on his shelf.

    133. Sarah Lynn brings Andrew Garfield lasagna.

    134. There is graffiti of a poop emoji on the wall of character actress Margo Martindale's prison.

    135. "Print Media Continues To Be A Thing!!"

    136. Princess Carolyn has her own bowling gear.

    Pinky is from Cincinnati. An earlier version of this post misstated the penguin's hometown.