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Behind The Heartwarming Proposal On The "Bones" Set

Boneheads forever. <3

There were more than 50 people in the room when Kelsey Goff got down on one knee to propose to her boyfriend, Michael Scott, on the Bones set.

Ariane Lange / BuzzFeed

Goff had entered a competition in October to come to the set on the Fox lot with her boyfriend. She told him they were going to Disneyland.

Though Scott and Goff now live in Portland, for a time, they were dating long-distance while she worked in fish packaging in Alaska. They would watch Bones and talk about it afterward, more than 2,000 miles apart.

Before she knelt, she said they were there because "Michael waited too long."

And he said YES!

"You can name your firstborn Bones," offered Ryan O'Neal, who plays Max Keenan on the series, from his chair.

"What's wrong with Booth?" asked David Boreanaz (Booth).

"B-nooth," offered Emily Deschanel (Brennan aka Bones herself).

"You get down on the knee now," Boreanaz said to Scott after he accepted the proposal, and he dutifully listened.

Ariane Lange / BuzzFeed

She said yes! Truly egalitarian and Bones-y in style.

"It's a relationship-oriented show," Boreanaz told BuzzFeed. "People are affected by that."

Ariane Lange / BuzzFeed

Scott said he hadn't figured out why they were there until his now fiancée said he had "waited too long."

Ariane Lange / BuzzFeed

Since October, Scott's been calling Goff Gollum because of her preoccupation with rings, she said.

They had champagne!

Ariane Lange / BuzzFeed

Goff said she hadn't expected so many people to be watching the proposal.

Goff was wearing mood nail polish, and she said her nails had "changed color six times" she was so nervous.

Ariane Lange / BuzzFeed

After she said that, Scott held her hands to warm them up.