After posting online misogynistic rants, George Sodini walked into an LA Fitness class, turned off the lights and opened fire on women. Today, he is celebrated by the incel community.

Talal Ansari • 11 days ago

"They blew it off as a boyfriend–girlfriend spat," Rosemarie Reilly's mother told BuzzFeed News after filing suit against police.

Ariane Lange • 18 days ago

These women thought they could finally break free from their convicted abusers. They didn’t expect it’d come with a price tag.

Ariane Lange • One month ago

Residents in homes for people with developmental disabilities are rarely taught how to report abuse, despite being at high risk of experiencing it.

Ariane Lange • 3 months ago

Women in the animation industry watched their colleagues overlook male artists’ sexual harassment allegations before. After #MeToo, they made sure it wouldn't happen again.

Ariane Lange • 5 months ago

“Why am I fighting this hard to prove that I was physically/sexually abused when it's on film?”

Ariane Lange • 5 months ago

“The disease is employment discrimination, and that disease has a lot of different symptoms. One of those symptoms is a great, vast variety of levels of sexual harassment and abuse.”

Ariane Lange • 6 months ago

Robyn Byrd and Katie Rice were teenage Ren & Stimpy fans who wanted to make cartoons. They say they were preyed upon by the creator of the show, John Kricfalusi, who admitted to having had a 16-year-old girlfriend when approached by BuzzFeed News.

Ariane Lange • 7 months ago

McDormand took home the Best Actress award for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Ariane Lange • 8 months ago

The former basketball player won the award for Best Animated Short.

Ariane Lange • 8 months ago

Three more people have accused country music publicist Kirt Webster of sexually harassing employees, putting the number of people who have spoken out at over two dozen. But saying #MeToo has changed little for victims in Nashville.

Ariane Lange • 9 months ago

"This isn't a moment," said the cofounder of the National Farmworker Women's Alliance. "This is a movement.”

Ariane Lange • 10 months ago

"To all the people ... who do everything they can to stop The Handmaid's Tale from becoming real," Bruce Miller said as he accepted the Golden Globe for best drama series.

Ariane Lange • 10 months ago

In the old boys’ club of animation, men have long gotten away with harassment, sources told BuzzFeed News.

Ariane Lange • 11 months ago

Women who direct and produce are feeling tentatively hopeful about their prospects, but know there’s still a long way to go. “You can’t undo a hundred years of the entertainment business in a week,” said Amber Tamblyn.

Ariane Lange • 12 months ago

Louis C.K. has been accused of sexual misconduct by five women, including two who said the comedian exposed himself to them and masturbated in 2002. C.K.'s publicist has said his client "is not going to answer any questions."

Ariane Lange • One year ago

“More people are gonna have to start speaking out” about sexual harassment in the industry, said country singer Meghan Linsey.

Ariane Lange • One year ago

“We are united in our mission to wipe out sexual harassment in the animation industry, and we will no longer be silent.”

Ariane Lange • One year ago

Chris Savino was removed from the hit cartoon series.

Ariane Lange • One year ago

After allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault against the producer, the University of Southern California decided to nix a planned donation from him.

Ariane Lange • One year ago