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    31 Things That Happen At Every High School Graduation

    Somebody pass the tissues. Say another metaphor about dandelions.

    1. In a serious and dignified manner, a teacher or principal calls this class "the finest class to ever walk these halls."

    2. A mom gets touched when a dad cries.

    3. An authority figure mispronounces a name.

    4. Older women rock bright colors.

    5. Someone makes a joke about "plastics." Parents, that movie is about a college graduate.

    6. Some wacky graduating senior makes a non sequitur.

    7. Every joke gets a huge laugh.

    8. In the heat of the moment, people use awfully strong language!

    9. A teacher uses the phrase "lifelong learner."

    10. Someone's older sibling snorts after overhearing a teenager say, "We'll keep in touch!"

    11. People talk a lot about dreams.

    12. Seniors will hear about "the real world," because I guess teenagers are just making that whole "high school" thing up.

    13. Adults walk around with their high expectations showing.

    14. Someone gets fed up with platitudes and lays down some truth.

    15. A speech contains a metaphor about a dandelion.

    16. This metaphor will expand to involve wind.

    17. Suddenly overcome by emotion, someone will have to stop talking for a moment.

    18. A senior really isn't impressed.

    19. Another senior is way too cool for all this pomp and circumstance.

    20. At least three people screw the pooch on what should be a straightforward handshake.

    21. A speech is long.

    22. Really long.

    23. No one can explain the rules of the tassle.

    24. If someone doesn't trip on the way to the stage, you're doing something wrong.

    25. Everyone with a camera tries to snap a pic of the caps in the air. All of these will come out blurry.

    26. There will be serious group photos.

    27. And silly group photos!

    28. This is how the adults feel:

    29. This is how graduates feel:

    30. And you know what? You go, graduates. Fist pump!

    Because this is EXCITING.

    31. You did it! And the only appropriate response is this: