20 Things Co-Opers Absolutely Love

It’s about to get a little crunchy up in here.

Because fiber and vegetable protein belong together like two lentils in a pod.


2. The majesty of life, as displayed by homegrown herbs.

3. Being beekeepers.

Or, depending on the zoning laws, being “aspiring apiarists.”

4. Talking about food politics.

Factory farming is ripping this nation apart.

5. Making jokes about corn, ideally involving Monsanto.

We laugh to keep from crying.

6. Subverting capitalist modes of exchange through bartering, sharing, and collective purchasing.

Capitalism, you’re mean. You’re not invited to my birthday party!

7. Being body positive.

For real, don’t police my body.

8. Shaming those who slut-shame.

GTFO, slut-shamers.

9. Queering the space.

The party doesn’t start until everything’s covered in glitter.

10. Atoning for their parents’ sins in industry and finance.

11. Birkenstocks…

12. …but if you’re not going anywhere treacherous, let’s opt for going barefoot.

Running barefoot: even better.

13. Talking things out.

Good communication is the key to happiness and fulfillment.

14. The magic of recycling.

But even more than recycling, reusing! And even more than reusing, reducing!

15. Drinking out of mason jars.

Reuse is the most effective form of recycling.

16. Being comfortable enough in their sexuality to snuggle up to people with whom they’re not sexually involved.

17. Voting. On everything.

You know what’s even better than “majority rules”?

Consensus, y’all. Raise your hand if you agree.

18. Vermicompost. How can anyone resist the slimy little face of a red wiggler?

D’awwww, look at those worms! Look at that soil! Goddamn that’s some nutrient-rich-looking soil.

19. Knowing that whether you’re still living in an intentional community or not, you’ll always have a special, soil-covered bond with the people you fought with, voted with, lived with, and learned from, and loved.

20. That might not have been the intentional part, but it’s definitely the best part.

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