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    Posted on Nov 29, 2013

    19 Vintage Dogs Who Just Didn't Want To Be Photographed

    Victorian collars are so not their style.

    1. "Was it necessary to put me under this little blanket?"

    Flickr: animalfarmfoundation / Creative Commons

    2. "Did you honestly mistake us for horses or something?"

    3. (This dog is trying not to say anything because he fears the weight of a mere thought may spell doom.)

    4. "Why are we doing this outside with all this glare? Don't think of me — think of the baby."

    5. "Sometimes people say 'take a picture; it'll last longer,' but I honestly cannot imagine anything lasting longer than the counting game I have been playing with this kid all goddamn morning."

    Marie-Thérèse Casgrain, 3, 1898-1900, from Library and Archives Canada/Thérèse Gasgrain fonds/PA-178191 / Via Flickr: lac-bac

    6. "Excuse me, but I see you have been hunched over that camera for some time, and it honestly looks like your back problems are flaring up."

    7. "Whut."

    Price and Zimmer collection / Flickr: cosmorochester2

    8. "If I remain very still, perhaps I will become one with this black dress, and illusion that is the space between objects will be revealed."

    9. "That hulking figure in the corner. Am I the only one who sees that."

    10. "I'm sure you have your reasons for putting this very thick collar on me. I'm sure you have your reasons."

    Price and Zimmer Collection / Flickr: cosmorochester2

    11. "It was very cruel of you to compare me to the tassles on this chair. I happen to like this haircut."

    12. "I am so old that I may die before this exposure is over."

    13. "Your timing could not be worse; I believe there is a thorn in my paw!"

    14. "Must we sit in the dirt like this? Have we no propriety?"

    15. "Do you realize my companion is out of frame, or are you just an amateur hack?"

    16. "This boy looks deeply unhappy; has anyone asked this boy if he's unhappy? Maybe we should focus less on the photo and more on this unhappy boy."

    17. "I feel I may be sick."

    18. "Since this gentleman does not give a hoot about my physical comfort, I shall not warn him of the spider about to crawl up his pant leg."

    19. "Done."

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