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    If You Suffer From Acne, You Have To See The Before-And-After Photos From This Brand

    Healthy and glowing skin from the inside out!

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    If you haven't heard of PuraU yet, and you have acne prone skin, thank me after you see these amazing before and after results.

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    Seriously, where has this been all my life?

    This Aussie company is making waves in the beauty community by helping customers bloat less and have clearer skin, and we can SEE why.

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    Don't you love a good before and after?! Their 20-day gut cleanse product is quickly becoming an insta-famous, internet sensation with men and women sharing their wildly impressive results!

    So how is this done you ask? Let us introduce you to the Gut Cleanse Kit. These tablets contain a range of scientifically backed ingredients to support skin health, boost collagen production and support digestion.


    These incredible ALL NATURAL tablets include zinc, which helps get rid of all the nasties like acne and pimples, while maintaining the skin's health and structure.

    And they contain ingredients like ginger + turmeric (YUM), which helps ease digestive discomfort.

    Buy it from PuraU for $199.

    Plus, there is loads of research that good gut health is linked with healthy skin. So if you're on the market for radiant, younger looking skin then invest in your gut health people!

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    Look, it's like your mum always said, true beauty always begins on the ~inside~.

    Turns out we've been misinformed to believe topical skincare products help to improve your skin, but really they should come AFTER improving your gut health.


    The brand is also super motivated to educate people on the links between gut health and acne/pimples, which we LOVE.

    One user gave it a shot and just check out the results she had after suffering from hormonal acne.

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    Promising Review: "I chose this product because it is all natural, vegan, Australian made plus it was made by an expert herbal naturopath. I also did quite a lot of research myself and found that literally ALL of the ingredients in the cleanse had been seen to help heal hormonal imbalances and heal acne. I saw results within the first 10 days of the cleanse and by the end of the 20 days my skin had literally changed completely."

    — Acacia Clarke

    Or check out Mia's results, who was experiencing bad breakouts after she stopped taking the pill.


    Promising Review: "When I made the choice to come off the contraceptive pill after five years of taking it, my skin went from being perfectly clear to having massive breakouts. This wasn’t something I was used to and it massively affected my confidence and overall just how I felt. Whilst external results such as improvement in my skin weren’t immediate, the results that I felt digestively were almost instant. Having these digestive results were not only improving my physical wellbeing but also how I was feeling mentally. I was no longer feeling run down or self conscious due to excessive bloating. Once the skin improvements came a little further into the cleanse, I had felt a complete turn around physically and mentally and almost felt that my body was grateful for the kindness I was showing it."

    — Mia Darlington

    And Shanae's experience with painful breakouts that nothing seemed to be helping with.

    PuarU / BuzzFeed

    Promising Review: "For me I have always struggled a lot with bloating and acne. No matter what I was feeding my body, no matter how many times I changed my diet and eliminated certain food groups I would always without a doubt end up with a bloated and sore stomach. I have struggled with skin breakouts for I’d say close to 6 years now and again, it didn’t matter what I changed in my skincare routine or how much water I drank or how much good food I ate, I would constantly have painful breakouts on my face.

    I would say that I started to notice results in my bloating and energy from day three onwards! I would wake up feeling energised and ready to start my day. Then after having breakfast I wouldn’t get my instant bloat that I would have normally gotten! This was amazing for me because the bloating was painful and made me just want to curl up into a ball until it passed! For my skin, I noticed a huge change within a week, I had less breakouts and my skin looked fresher and healthier as the days went on!"

    — Shanae Horsburgh

    If those before and afters haven't sold you yet, then you can rest easy knowing you're supporting a 100% Australian made product featuring high-quality vegan ingredients with ZERO nasties, free of GMO, gluten and cruelty-free.

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    I'm all about saving the environment and tbh who doesn't want to save the animals, support Australian businesses AND have glowing CLEAR skin? Sign me up!

    Finally, Naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib, ND, agrees, that common skin issues like eczema, acne, rosacea, dry skin, are just a few of the common skin concerns linked to the gut.


    You know a product is good when a Doctor is there to back up the claims. I think we can all agree, gut health + PuraU = radiant, glowy, healthy skin. And we don't need to be a mathematician to figure that one out!

    So what are you waiting for? These products are packed with goodness to leave you with the best skin of your life, which you can purchase on their website.

    You, finally finding a way to treat your acne AND stop bloating.