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5 Reasons Meditating Benefits You!

Meditation or medication?

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1. Less Stress!


When you meditate, you have more control over a part of the brain responsible for the stress hormone, cortisol. Your brain releases less which reduces the amount of stress in your life and decreases likelihood of anxiety and depression.

2. You will become more aware of your thoughts and actions.


Meditating helps you have a clearer understanding of your thoughts by getting rid of the clutter in your mind. It helps you to be able to focus on the present moment rather than in the past or future.

3. More Sleep.


Sleep is essential for cognitive functioning throughout the day, being that meditating clears your mind it helps with a better quality sleep and can even help cure sleeping problems such as insomnia and sleep paralysis.

4. Boost Memory


Instead of jumping from thought to thought, meditation clears the mind making it easier for memorization, cutting back on those distracting thoughts.

5. Better Relationships


Meditation cuts back anger and mood swings. You can create better relationships with people with less fights bound to occur. You are overall more happy and empathetic, you understand people more.

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