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We Witnessed The Exorcism Of Bekki Magenheim

"The fire is on. The fire is on. The fire is burning you right now from head to toe!" Welcome to the latest installment of Shane and Ryan's unsolved ghosthunter mystery tour.

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Exorcisms have long been a topic of fascination for many. And like a lot of us, Shane and Ryan were familiar with what goes down before and after, but not during an actual exorcism.


Tbh, Shane's knowledge of this controversial ritual comes entirely from watching the movie The Exorcist and that's it.

Our BuzzFeed Unsolved ghost hunters found themselves being purged of any evil spirits that may be lurking inside of them. Watch Ryan and Shane get exorcisms!

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So in order to learn more about this phenomenon, they decided to go to Brother Carlos Oliveira. He's a Christian exorcist who told them that when you have a spirit confronting you, it's going to be pure evil.


As they casually chatted about extracting demons, Brother Carlos explained that by simply watching shows like Ghost Hunters on TV, you're potentially opening doors for evil spirits to come into your home and possibly possess you. Excuse me, whaaat?


That was not something Ryan was trying to hear.

In order to put all this talk into practice, Brother Carlos invited the guys to be his guest as he tried his mightiest to exorcise the demons out of Bekki Magenheim.


Bekki said she gets cluster headaches that last anywhere from 24 hours to over two whole weeks. On this day she was on day eight of her current headache when Brother Carlos performed his exorcism.

Then it was time to kick some demon ass! And when the actual exorcism process got started, Brother Carlos went from zero to 100 real quick.


Brother Carlos likes to confront the demon by engaging in some serious eye contact and addressing it directly, even commanding that it answer his questions. Now that takes balls.

"I command you now! Come out of my sister!"


After a lot of yelling, a little chuckling, and lots of eye contact, Brother Carlos came to the conclusion that he sensed resistance from Bekki, therefore he could not deliver her from evil at this time. Womp womp.

Which left him with some spare time to try and exorcise some demons out of our ghost hunters themselves! First up was Shane, whose eyes reportedly rolled into the back of his head as soon as Brother Carlos put his hand on him.


We can neither confirm nor deny this.

And then it was Ryan's turn, who was absolutely mortified and refused to make eye contact with Brother Carlos during most of the duration of his "exorcism."


He was also legit confused as to whether he should answer Brother Carlos' questions, or if they were meant for the demon inside of him. LOL

And although to our knowledge no demons were exorcised during this process, they all thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I mean, how could you not?


At the end of the day, Brother Carlos is on a mission to help people, spiritually. He said he wants to help as many people as he can by kicking demons' asses from today until the day he dies. Not exactly in those words. Amen, brother!

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