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    I Married A Stranger In Las Vegas And It Was An Amazing Experience

    Love is a beautiful thing.

    Vegas weddings are notorious for being super fast, fun, and not always completely thought out.

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    Watch one man try to marry a stranger in Las Vegas in less than 24 hours!

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    This is Aria, and he's always been fascinated by Vegas weddings. In order to get the full experience, he decided to go to Sin City and find someone to marry within 24 hours.


    Yea, that was a pretty crazy idea.

    First, Mike Kelly gave him a tour of The Little Vegas Chapel, where Aria would be saying "I do" in less than a day (if everything went as planned).


    Mike explained what the big draw is for a lot of people. "It's incredible value. Tons of fun. Tons of energy. That's why people come here and do it in Vegas."

    Then Aria looked into how he could get married without it actually counting.


    And he discovered he could easily get an annulment if the person he married was already married. A-ha!

    But first, he had to find his future spouse, so after posting on numerous message boards, he hit up a swinger's club to see if he could find anyone willing to marry him the next day.


    And he could not.

    But he didn't give up. Aria hit the streets the next day. He met a few lovely couples, but none that were willing to stand next to him at the chapel. LOL!


    But, just before all hope was lost, Aria got a reply from one of the message boards!


    A lovely woman named Nakika was willing to marry him.

    Nakika and her new wife explained why they were willing to step in and help Aria, and it was a beautiful sentiment.


    "Just the thought of being able to express and show love in its natural form is just awesome. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to just share that experience with you."

    Aria was ready to go. He was particularly happy he wouldn't have to cancel on the extras he hired to be wedding guests.


    Not to mention the actors who were playing his parents. Yes!

    The wedding went off without a hitch. In less than 15 minutes, Aria and Dakika were pronounced man and wife (but not really).


    Aria said the ceremony was ridiculously fun and it's an experience he will never forget.

    He also learned that it doesn't really matter where you get married.


    The only thing that matters, is that you're standing there with the person you love.