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5 Ways To Improve Your Binge-Watching On Netflix

Don't settle for anything less than peak laziness.

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The Internet erupted recently when eagle-eyed Netflix users realized that the streaming site had added a "skip intro" button.

the best part of spring break was finding out Netflix had a skip intro button

I nominate the inventor of Netflix's 'skip intro' button for a Nobel Prize

the "skip intro" button on netflix has taken a Friends episode from 22 minutes to 19.5 minutes and tbh it's life changing

Now that we've just saved you 30 seconds of your life per episode (hey, it adds up), here are 4 other ways to live your best binge-watching life:

1. Have a guilt-free stream sesh.

Listen, sometimes you just want to get into bed and watch the Lizzie McGuire Movie (an American classic, feel free to @ me) and not have to worry about one of the six people you've given your password to asking you about your not-so-secret love of Disney Channel Original Movies.

Go here: to delete anything you wouldn't want someone else to see from your recent history.

2. Get rid of Netflix's lazy-shaming.

We all know the answer is always, "Yes, of course I'm still watching," so why let Netflix keep asking? FlixAssist is a Google Chrome extension that gets rid of this feature AND the countdown that happens in between episodes.

3. Know all of your options.

We've all hit that rock-bottom moment where we realize that we may have actually watched everything Netflix has to offer. As it turns out, we've only actually watched all that Netflix's algorithm has curated for us. That's right: there are thousands more options that you're just not seeing.

To look for more shows and films in genres you never knew existed, click here and pick the category you want to see options for. Take the 4-digit code and paste it after "" so it looks like this:

4. Control your data.

To limit how much data Netflix eats up every month (spoiler: it's a lot) go to your account and hit "playback settings" under "my profile." There, you can choose the data usage per screen and also choose to turn off the auto-play next episode feature.

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