10 Reasons Opera Star Renee Fleming Will Rock The 2014 Super Bowl

Four time Grammy Award Winning Opera star Renee Fleming will be performing the National Anthem at this years Super Bowl XLVIII and here is why it will be AMAZING!

1. Renee is an American Treasure. Even Obeezy finds her hilarious!

Oh, that’s just the National Medal of the Arts. Its like winning American Idol only cooler.

2. You won’t have to worry about the high notes…or the low notes!

She gives you high, she gives you low, she gives you what you need!

3. She is a hometown hero and New York City’s diva in residence

If you don’t tear up watching that video something is terribly, terribly wrong with you.

4. She has better weaves than Beyonce.

It’s hers because she bought it. #splitsontrees

5. Renee is a professional and won’t write the words on her hand….

If she can memorize a five hour opera in Czech, I don’t think remembering the National Anthem will be an issue.

6. You will actually be able to understand the melody when she sings.

I don’t know what that is, but its not the same National Anthem that I learned in 2nd grade. Go home and do better.

7. There will be absolutely no chance that Renee Fleming will need autotune

If you cannot sing in tune, do not sing in public.

8. She will look good doing it too!

That’s NOT the fat lady your grandparents listened to. Pretty good for a woman in her 50’s, eh?

9. She is a serious artist with a real sense of humor!

Check out her TOP 10 on David Letterman!

10. You really don’t need 10 reasons when she sings this beautifully…

youtube.com / Via youtube

Ever heard of Bel Canto? Well Renee can-belto. Good luck on February 2nd Renee!!!

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