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Get Your Smile Ready, Cause ARC Is Here To Change The Way You Whiten Your Teeth

Your oral care game is about to get waaay better with a 2x whiter* smile when you seamlessly slide ARC® Leave On Teeth Whitening into your daily routines.

A bright, shimmering smile: We all want it.

A young woman with bright teeth smiles against a brick backdrop

That's where ARC® Leave On Teeth Whitening comes in.

Product imagery of ARC® Leave On treatment

The ARC® Leave On Teeth Whitening treatment is designed with you in mind.

A tube of whitening treatment squeezing out the whitening on an applicator

So basically, ARC® Leave On is the perfect thing to level up your daily routine.

ARC® Leave On treatment steps of Apply, Swipe, and Smile

Find yourself on the go with no routine set in stone? ARC® Leave On Teeth Whitening: On-the-Go is for you!

ARC® On-The-Go whitening product leaning against a makeup bag

Making a Target run? You're in the right place for all your ARC® Leave On teeth whitening products.

What are you waiting for? Get started and seamlessly level up your daily routines for 2x whiter* teeth with ARC® Leave On Teeth Whitening.

(*vs. ARC® Pen)