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Before your inner DC or MARVEL comics fan guy comes up saying which company is best, I need to say that this list is of my personal belief, and each one of the comics has a reason to be there. Ps: yes Wonder woman is the one on the Thumbnail, but the image is so cool.

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1. Marvels - Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross

Marvel Comics

To start this list, one of my favorites: MARVELS by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. This beautiful story talks of a photographer that lives different Marvel's events: the rise of the 1st two super heroes, the arrival of Galactus, among other very important moments in Marvel's history. Besides as the main character gets older he looks strangely similar to Stan Lee.

2. Identity Crisis - Brad Meltzer & Rags Morales

DC Comics

Imagine that a Super Villain new your secret identiy and went against your loved ones, isn't that what all Super Heroes fear? Well that's exactly what happens here, enough said, you don't need more, just read it.

3. Watchmen - Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons

DC Comics

I have to say, it was very difficult to select from all of Alan Moore's creations, but definitely Watcmen is the most known, and also a must read. Heroes in the Cold War era, that hide in society as they are not welcomed any more, but more importantly: just one of them has super powers, the others, are simple mortals.

4. The Authority - Warren Ellis & Bryan Hitch


Just think the following for a second: if you were a Super Hero, will you follow the orders of different governments or the UN? Or will you do what is good for the world without the concent of world? That is The Authority, people with the power to make a change and they do it, no words, just action...

5. Batman: a Death in the Family - Jim Starlin & Jim Aparo

DC Comics

Have you heard that one of Batman's Robins died? If not, well sorry for the spoilers. This is the story of how it happened, but more important how Batman dealt with it.

6. Infinity Gauntlet - Jim Starling, George Pérez & Ron Lim

Marvel Comics

Yes, the same guy that wrote Batman: a Death in the family wrote Infinity Gauntlet. The idea of having it in this list comes from: THE MOVIE IS BEING RELEASED NEXT YEAR!, so if you want to be prepared for it, just read it, a big mash of Heroes all against a common enemy: Thanos.

7. JLA/Avengers - Kurt Busiek & George Pérez

DC Comics & Marvel Comics

Ever have that discussion on who is better: the Avengers or the Justice League? Well, newsflash JLA/Avengers is your answer, enough said, move to the next one.

8. Blackest Night - Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis

One of DC's most awesome events, Blackest Night brings back a lot of death Heroes, but as zombies, with power rings as a Lantern, and there are only a bunch of Heroes that can stop them, more precisely Green Lantern and members of the other Lantern Corps.

9. Civil War - Mark Millar & Steve McNiven

#TeamCap or #TeamIronMan, Civil War is by far the top of MARVEL's MUST READ!. Super Heroes kicking each others behinds, making alliances even with the most dangerous villains.

10. The Sandman - Neil Gaiman

The Boogeyman, Sandman, Master of Dreams, Morpheus, Dream, give him the name you may. The Sandman saga by Neil Gaiman could be Gaiman's Master piece, the stories always have to do with our dreams and how people live on them, in this series those stories are held in the domain of the main character, the master and lord of Dreams: The Sandman.

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