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March 20, 2020

28 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

In these extraordinary times, much of the world as we knew it just weeks before has become unrecognizable as the coronavirus pandemic continues its spread. Here are the most striking and monumental pictures from this past week.

9 formas de parar de tocar o rosto

O CDC recomenda que as pessoas evitem tocar os olhos, o nariz e a boca para prevenir a disseminação de germes. Mas isso é mais difícil do que parece!

What Place Do Influencers Have In A Pandemic?

This week's newsletter: There is a big debate happening online about what exactly influencers should be posting right now, or if they even should be at all. And home decor porn — it's good for the soul!


Francfranc(フランフラン)の新作アイテム「ビューロ ブラシホルダー」がすごく優秀でした!クリア素材でできたブラシ用のホルダー。ただ透明なだけじゃなく、ワンポイントで色がついていて、フランフランらしいオシャレな仕上がりになっています。