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March 26, 2019


BuzzFeed の海外記事を英語と日本語でお届け!メラニーちゃんはアクセンフェルト・リーガー症候群という珍しい遺伝子症候群を患っており、その大きな瞳に母親は心配している。(英文記事の続きに翻訳記事あり)cornea:角膜 iris:虹彩 glaucoma:緑内障

27 Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home

From updated bathtubs to gorgeous walls — here are some affordable projects you might be able to get done without the help of a professional.

Which Brexit Plan Are You?

MPs will be holding a series of "indicative votes" this week to see if they can find a new Brexit plan. But which option are you?



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