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August 13, 2013

Janet Veal, Reclusive Cat Owner, 'Gnawed And Eaten' By Pets After She Dies

A HORRIFIED boy found a dead LIZARD in his Tesco toast as he munched his breakfast. William Evans, 10, screamed in terror after making the gruesome find - bringing his dad Marcus running from upstairs. Outraged Mr Evans, of Hawkchurch, near Axminster, Devon, said: "The poor little lad was absolutely traumatised by it. "He went to take a slice off for some toast, turned the loaf over and found the lizard stuck on the bottom." He added: "It was one of Axminster Tesco's baked in-store, multi-grain brown loaves. "The lizard had not been cooked so it must have got into the packaging and died there. "You could see the impression of its body in the bread so it must have been warm when he got in." William, a pupil at Hawkchurch Primary School, said: "I was making some toast and cut off a slice when I saw something that looked like a leaf. "So I took the wrapping off and found the lizard inside. "It certainly put me off my toast! "It was about two to three inches long." His mum Clare said it would have been even worse if William had sliced through the end with the lizard on it - and eaten it. "That would have been even more distressing," she said. Mr Evans, a volunteer church worker, said they had alerted Tesco's customer service department. He said they told him it was impossible for a lizard to get in one of their loaves because of their high level of hygiene "I am surprised they didn't tell me 'every little helps'," said angry Marcus. "They have asked me to take it into the manager but I am thinking of contacting environmental health officers. "We are keeping the lizard and loaf in the fridge for evidence." A Tesco spokesman said: "We have conducted a thorough inspection of the bakery area as well as the rest of the store. "We are confident that our robust procedures mean that there was no food safety risk to the product whilst it was within the store. "If the customer would like to return the product, packaging and proof of purchase to us, we will be able to investigate further."

Face Folding Celebrities Is A Terrible, Wonderful Skill

Filmmaker Izac Less takes moments from classic films and turns them into something you CANNOT UNSEE.

If The Famous Fairy Tale Princesses Became Zombies

WowWee's "Once Upon A Zombie" dolls prove even Fairy Tale royalty aren't immune to a Zombie Apocalypse!

San Diego Hooters Won't Serve Bob Filner

According to a tweet from San Diego Republican Party executive director Francis Barraza. Barraza also tweeted that her server said it was a "corporate" decision for "every location," according to a server. A call to her office said she was out to lunch, presumably, at Hooters. An email to Hooter's spokesperson was not immediately returned.

14 Cats Celebrating Left-Handers Day

OK, it might be a bit tricky to be left-handed, but these cats don't think it's that bad!

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