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February 8, 2013

8 Amazing Necklaces Made From Bangles

At Chadwick Bell's New York Fashion Week show, the only thing better than the clothes was the jewelry made out of other jewelry. It's a super easy DIY.

Smack Shack's Brick & Mortar - Eat

Plans for Smack Shack's permanent home were announced some time early in the Van Buren administration (they actually incited the Panic of 1837), but the permanent home of the lobster-ific food truck proved to be well worth the wait. They embrace their warehouse skeleton with an open kitchen next to a cluster of checkered-clothed tables. Plus overflow seating on a balcony perfect for spying on said tables. Two levels of fiberglass lobster tanks (akin to the ones on actual fishing boats) flank a lobster bar and this massive boil tank. Do they really scream when boiled? Eat here, and find out! This freaking oceanic cornucopia is the Lobster Cioppino rounded out with clams, shrimp, mussels, and halibut. Of course, they've also got on-truck faves like the Lobster Roll (on griddled milk bread), or a warm version of it on a split-top bun deemed "Connecticut-Style". "Smack Sides" no longer just refer to those jump-high-fives athletes do: they're also tasty small plates like corn bread with honey butter, Coastal Slaw, or another decadent truck standard, Lobster Mac & Cheese. Speaking of decadence: those, friend, are Lobster Corndogs with lemon chive aioli Though only a fool gets sick of lobster, they've also got stuff like this super-meaty Striped Bass Ceviche just in case. And if you're off the seafood bandwagonboat altogether, eat these supreme Beef Short Ribs with braised tomatoes and tater puree... ... or you can get those same short ribs in tacos with pickled Fresno peppers and ancho garlic mayo from a subsection of the menu called "Rex & Jack's Taco Shack". Oh yeah, there's an entire other half of to this place, and it's all bar, wiith drafts like Fulton Sweet Child and Deschutes Black Butte Porter, $5 oyster shooters (yes, they also serve fresh oysters), and even a bacon-infused vodka cocktail called…

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