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December 13, 2013

6 Quotes From Author Umberto Eco On Why People Love Lists

In this interview about his upcoming exhibition at the Louvre, the renowned Italian author discusses how lists have always been an important part of history and culture.

The Absolute Best Quotes From Jim Morrison's Miami Trial

One of the most memorable incidents of The Doors’ legend is the controversy surrounding Jim Morrison’s arrest for “indecent exposure” after the band’s March 1, 1969 show in Miami. The updated Doors App, available now on iPad, features details about Jim's subsequent trial, original court documents, and transcripts of the testimony . In addition to the trial, the app features essays from David Fricke, Hunter S. Thompson, and Patti Smith, comprehensive explorations of each of the band's albums, its touring history, photos, music, and more. Download the app now, and immerse yourself in everything Doors.

This Is The Best "Homeland" Parody You'll Ever See

Boneland by BarkBox is acted out entirely by dogs. It's incredibly accurate.

The Front Page Of "The Onion"'s Final Print Edition Is Pretty Great

The kings of satire say goodbye to print - after 25 years - in typically sardonic fashion.

What Do Christmas Bells Sound Like In Other Languages?

Illustrator James Chapman showed us what animals sound like around the world, now he turns his attention to Christmas bells. You can find more of his work here.

Fotografias de nu celebram a estranha beleza de nossos corpos

"O corpo humano é uma coisa estranha e bela." Definitivamente não apropriado para menores. (NSFW)

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