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December 11, 2013

Fotos de personas desnudas celebran la belleza rara de nuestros cuerpos

"El cuerpo humano es una cosa extraña y hermosa". Definitivamente no apto para verlo en el trabajo. (Definitivamente NSFW)

An End Of The Year Wrap Up: This Year's Best Rated TV Shows

We are currently in a golden age of television entertainment; almost every type of show imaginable is available for viewing, and the quality of programming is incredible. It used to be if you missed a show and forgot to tape it, you were out of luck until it went into syndication. Now, there are many cable TV deals that come with recording functionality and on-demand access to your favorite shows. Speaking of favorite shows, here are the six top-rated shows from 2013.

24 Heartbreaking Responses To India's Ban On Same-Sex Intercourse

Yesterday, after a 12-year legal battle, India's Supreme Court upheld Section 377 of the constitution, an old British law that criminalizes sodomy. Here are some poignant social media reactions from the Indian public.

These Epic Surfing Photos Will Make You Want To Hit The Waves

Morgan Maassen is a Los Angeles based photographer who combines his love for the ocean and photography in this beautifully depicted series. It's too gnarly for words, just take a look!

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